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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the class mappings for WinForms controls?
A1. The following are the most common classmappings for WinForms:

     *.SysListView32.* : SysListView32
     *.BUTTON.* : BUTTON
     *.STATIC.* : STATIC

Q2. I created a profile for my DotNet applications but the window classes are not prefixed with Wfm or Wpf?
A2. Open the application profile and check the Enable checkbox under .Net Helper to enable the extension.

Q3. On Windows7, I'm unable to take a snapshot of my application?
A3. Depending on your application and your UAC settings, it may be necessary to invoke UA Server as Administrator.

Q4. I have a snapshot of a web page taken with Internet Explorer. I notice that when I select an object in the Elements tree, the highlighting on the image is off by several pixels. A4. Make sure that your Internet Explorer Zoom is set at 100%.

Q5. Can a manual step include a Zee expression?
A5. Yes. An expression can be embedded in a manual step simply by enclosing the statement inside a set of curly braces in the step instructions.

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