What Is AscentialTest?

AscentialTest provides facilities for test planning, test data management, manual and automated test development, test execution, defect tracking and reporting. Built around our patented 'smart image' technology, our users build test components by dragging and dropping from a series of application screen images. Our solution produces robust, easy to maintain tests, developed without a requirement for programming experience.

Our approach allows organizations to save time and reduce costs by enabling domain experts to design and create tests that are ready to execute without recording or scripting. Reusable test components are built by point and click, as actions and data forms are automatically generated. The automated tests that are generated using this approach are as easy to maintain as they are to create.


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Zeenyx continues to build support for ALM into AscentialTest, which is designed to make it easy to integrate test plans with test data, manual execution instructions and automated tests. AscentialTest provides features to manage test plans, test cases, test data, test execution, test results and defects.




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Test Data



Dealing with data types adds an unnecessary level of complexity to the test automation process. AscentialTest allows users to describe their data requirements graphically so that data types and objects can be generated automatically. We minimize data input errors and eliminate the need for type conversions by tightly integrating application objects, tests and test data.


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Automated Testing

Test frameworks are costly to build and maintain. Unlike keyword-driven testing, AscentialTest does not require the development of a test framework. Instead of requiring testing teams to create layers of spreadsheets to define tests and keywords along with supporting files of functions that need to be either recorded or scripted, our approach builds relationships between application objects, test actions and test data so that the test framework can be automatically generated and maintained by AscentialTest.

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Manual Testing

Our manual testing solution is in its own class. Manual tests can include steps that perform database lookups to ensure data is fresh and others that calculate expected results based on data supplied by the tester at runtime. A manual regression test can be distributed across multiple computers so that tests are delivered to manual testers as they are ready, while results travel back to the controller where a composite results report is compiled.




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