Automated Web Testing

AscentialTest provides testing support for Web applications running on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Unlike other testing solutions, AscentialTest does not rely on XPath to locate objects. We have developed a much more powerful object recognition engine that ignores the html hierarchy. As a result, objects are consistently recognized as the target application is modified over time regardless of changes to object parentage.

All tests are cross-browser. No adjustments are needed to successfully execute tests against all supported browsers. Just pick any browser, build your tests and then run them against the other browsers.

Web Table Recognition Wizard:

AscentialTest provides a table recognition wizard to help users define web tables by drag and drop:

Web Table Recognition Wizard

AscentialTest automatically defines the table, row class and all of the columns that contain the table objects.

Web Table Support:

AscentialTest provides a special feature called a ‘selector’, which makes it easy to locate a row in a table based on a target value. In the example below, the selector 'SelectByFrom' has located the fifth row in the table because it contains the test value ‘Seshi Reddy’:

Web Table Selector

Selectors make it easy to get and set values to table objects. The ‘Test Value’ field provides a way for the user to test the selector and ensure that it has been correctly defined. Selectors are used in automated tests to set and get values from application objects. The example below shows two test actions. The first checks the ‘Msgid’ checkbox in the row that has been identified with the selector value ‘Reddy’.

Test Selector Example

The second action gets the value of the ‘Subject’ field in the row that has been identified with the selector value ‘Reddy’. AscentialTest provides an easy way to interact with objects contained in a complex object.   



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