Review #8

“Excellent Support turnaround times and solutions for resolving our questions. Works incredibly well with our .Net WPF components that reside within Powerbuilder Data Windows ” What we liked most: Automated Tests are highly repeatable without Object Recognition or timing errors. Easy to install/configure Easy to control Test Runs via command line/Powershell scripts Capable of testing .Net […]

Review #7

“Overall, AscentialTest has been a fantastic automated tool, performing way better than any manual testing. The maintainability of test suites are super easy. Regressions take significantly fewer man-hours and UAT is much faster. We can conduct intensive performance testing, specifically volume and stress testing that was not possible before. Defect tracking has become much more […]

Review #6

“Ascential Test is the most suitable program to test Powerbuilder applications. The basic tests are easy to compile in the editor, and with the help of scripts almost anything you want can be automated. The support from Zeenyx is excellent.” What we liked most: The application has a logical structure and is fairly intuitive to […]

Review #1

“I have great experience using Ascential Test, There are only few tools in the market which provides automation testing for power builder. I have found Ascential Test as best tool for power builder applications. Because, with other tools i had issues like recognition of object and they were too complicated to resolve for each of […]

Review #2

“AscentialTest is a powerful Test Management and automation tool with loads of latest capabilities and ease in maintenance. Our experiences with the Zeenyx Support team have been great. The support team members promptly respond to our queries, are very knowledgeable, and are eager to provide appropriate solutions for our applications. They provide the required support […]

Review #3

“After an initial relatively steep learning curve, tests can be implemented very easily and the maintenance using the step concept is very user-friendly. ” What we liked most: Concept of reusable steps Recognition of object in a snapshot CICD automation Professional support

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What We Are Up To Next

TFS/Azure Integration

Check our new Azure extension for executing AscentialTest command lines in the Azure Marketplace.

We look forward to offering additional integration with Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server and Azure through defect tracking and version control soon.

Omnis Studio

Automated testing support for OMNIS Studio is coming soon. All OMNIS elements will be supported including complex grids, list boxes, tables and tree views.

Custom Objects

Add automated testing support easily for your custom application elements by responding to simple test API messages with json strings. This feature will open up the possibility of testing any GUI element and  will be offered free of charge.

Test Debugger

Set breakpoints in your automated tests, view global and local variables and execute statements to make it easier to debug tests running on any of our supported platforms.

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