Defining Complex Objects in AscentialTest

Complex objects like tables, grids and trees exist in most target applications. Recognizing rows, columns and elements contained in cells is imperative. Likewise the ability to locate a row even when scrolled out of view is a basic requirement.

The AscentialTest table interface allows users to select, input or edit rows in complex objects using drag & drop as seamlessly as interfacing with a simple edit field without any coding.

AscentialTest Object Recognition

Object recognition is the foundation of GUI test automation. Object-action based tests rely on stable definitions of all application elements especially complex tables and grids.

In AscentialTest changes in object hierarchy in the future have no impact on object recognition whatsoever.

AscentialTest Built-in Test Framework

Time should be focused on building tests that validate the target application, not on test frameworks which can take weeks or months to build.

The AscentialTest Test Class ensures that every test is independent, starting and stopping from known ‘base states’, so that a failure in a test will not produce a domino effect where all subsequent tests fail.

How Drag & Drop Increases Testing Productivity in AscentialTest

Testing productivity is about time, cost and level of effort to develop and maintain tests utilizing the skills of the existing test team.

Building test automation through Drag & Drop reduces the learning curve, does not require a specialized skill set and provides the fastest, most efficient way to build robust automated tests.

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What We Are Up To Next

TFS/Azure Integration

Check our new Azure extension for executing AscentialTest command lines in the Azure Marketplace.

We look forward to offering additional integration with Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server and Azure through defect tracking and version control soon.

Omnis Studio

Automated testing support for OMNIS Studio is coming soon. All OMNIS elements will be supported including complex grids, list boxes, tables and tree views.

Custom Objects

Add automated testing support easily for your custom application elements by responding to simple test API messages with json strings. This feature will open up the possibility of testing any GUI element and  will be offered free of charge.

Test Debugger

Set breakpoints in your automated tests, view global and local variables and execute statements to make it easier to debug tests running on any of our supported platforms.

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