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Software Testing Tools

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Productivity Features

Object Recognition




Whether your application objects are simple or complex, standard or custom, textual or image-based, AscentialTest® has you covered, no matter what your testing platform. No worries about application changes. We'll find those objects where ever they go.


Drag and Drop


Drag & Drop

Record/playback seems like a great idea ... until the target application changes. Then it all breaks loose. Creating tests in our drag and drop editor is a snap. It's faster than recording and the results are for the long haul. No specialized training needed here. If you know how to test your application, AscentialTest is for you.




In AscentialTest, steps, tests, data, objects and plans are all reusable. That translates to less work for you not only when you're building tests but when you're maintaining them, which can be a real pain in the 'you know where'. Less work, less time, less dollars, less agita. That's what it's all about, right?

Manage It

Manage It

Testing projects can get messy fast without good test management tools. AscentialTest helps you keep track of all your testing assets and your test results. Locate your tests using unlimited tags, keep track of progress and generate reports from your browser so you're always up to the minute, no matter where you are.

Puzzel Pieces

Play Nice

We know our strength is in providing testing solutions and understand that you need other tools to be productive. AscentialTest is easy to integrate with version control, continuous integration, defect tracking and requirements management tools. We've got some cool integration features that will knock your socks off.

AscentialTest is Everywhere

AscentialTest is used all over the globe to test applications that support retail, telecom, healthcare, finance, banking, insurance, manufacturing, engineering, education, point of sale (POS), you name it and across a multitude of platforms:


Automated testing for windows   Automated testing for Internet Explorer     Automated testing for Chrome   Automated testing for PDF   Automated Testing for PowerBuilder

Automated testing for dotNet   WPF Testing Support   Automated testing for Component One   Automated Testing for DevExpress

Java Swing Testing SupportAutomated Testing for SalesForce  Automated testing for Abila NetForum  Automated testing for IBM iSeries and Terminals  Oracle Siebel Testing Support

Putty Testing Support    ODBC Testing Support    XML Testing Support    Command Prompt Testing Support   Automated testing for POS

Automated testing for CEFAutomated testing for AngularJSAutomated testing for AjaxElectron testing support

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Automated Testing AscentialTest


See how drag & drop is faster than recording or scripting


 Find out why custom frameworks are never a good idea

 Misconceptions about Automated Testing


Learn more about automated testing on our YouTube channel. Best to watch in HD

Test automation for PowerBuilder

Watch our PowerBuilder webinar on PBTV



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What's Happening


Thursday and Friday at 2:00 PM EST

Get an in-depth understanding of how AscentialTest™ allows organizations to save time and reduce costs by enabling domain experts to design and create manual and automated tests that are ready to execute without recording or scripting.

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June 2nd:

PowerBuilder Test Automation


June 23rd:

PowerBuilder/PowerServer Test Automation


News and Interest

May 13: Learn how a single set of tests can be created and executed against a PowerBuilder classic and PowerServer application. Watch on PBTV live on June 23rd at 10:00 AM ET. Click here to register.

May 12: Learn how to build automated tests with drag and drop for a PowerBuilder application. Watch on PBTV live on June 2nd at 10:00 AM ET. Click here to register.

May 10: Our next technical webinar is scheduled for 10:00 AM ET, June 16th. We will take a deep dive into AscentialTest's path statement. Click here to register

April 4: Support for Appeon PowerServer is now available. Visit our YouTube channel to watch a demonstration.

February 10: AscentialTest 9.5.1 is now available featuring improvements for PowerBuilder testing support.

January 30: Zeenyx will be presenting at the Testing Conf to be held in Boston on April 2nd. Click here to register. We hope that you will join us.

January 17: Our next technical webinar is scheduled for 11:00 AM EST, March 24th. We will discuss AscentialTest's table interface. Click here to register.

January 9: AscentialTest 9.5.0 is now available featuring a ‘New Project’ wizard, improved results output and the ability to make API calls to REST.

November 27: Novalys and Qaas announce a partership to distribute AscentialTest in Japan. You can read about it here.

November 27: Visit our YouTube channel to watch our technical webinar on avoiding the domino effect in test automation.

November 22: AscentialTest support for PowerBuilder 2019 is available, continuing our commitment to the PB community.

September 4: Listen to our CEO, Brian Le Suer and Christophe Dufourmantelle of Novalys on PBTV as they discuss automating web application testing. To listen click here.

August 23: AscentialTest 9.4.1 is now available with improvements to browser startup performance, keyboard choice and some new options for the PowerBuilder datawindow.

July 19: AscentialTest 9.4 is now available, featuring support for 64 bit PowerBuilder applications, Electron applications and International Keyboards, along with many UI improvements.

June 12: Zeenyx will be presenting at the PowerBuilder Elevate conference to be held in Philadelphia, October 28th through 30th. We hope that you will join us.

July 3: Support for PowerBuilder 64 bit applications will be available next week with the release of AscentialTest 9.4.

April 9: Listen to our CEO, Brian Le Suer and Christophe Dufourmantelle of Novalys on PBTV as they discuss automating PowerBuilder testing. To listen click here.

January 30: Zeenyx welcomes Yi Tian to the team as he assumes the role of Sr. Software Engineer. Please join us in welcoming Yi.

January 18: Zeenyx announces automated testing support for Electron available soon.

November 30: AscentialTest 9.3.0 is available for download, featuring support for Chrome Embedded Framework and an enhanced image recognition.

July 9: Integration with TFS for version control and defect tracking is underway.

April 30: Check out our latest blog post that decribes how to create a test class.

April 19: AscentialTest is now integrated with ALM. Tests can be executed and results reported directly from ALM.

March 21: New command line and query features are available with AscentialTest 9.2.4 which is ready for download.

February 7: AscentialTest 9.2.1, featuring custom reports, is available for download.

February 2: Read SD Times article about how automation portends sea change in testing.

January 22: AscentialTest now provides the ability for users to design and generate custom reports.

December 22: Zeenyx announces the release of AscentialTest 9.2 featuring several enhancements to image and text recognition technologies.

October 3: AscentialTest 9.0, featuring emailing of reports and a visual query editor, is now available for download.

August 14: AscentialTest now has App States to make it a snap to add start up and recovery to automated tests.

July 26: Zeenyx announces support for Appeon PowerBuilder 17.

June 12: AscentialTest v8.3 is now available, featuring image capture/compare with masking. There are also significant enhancements to pdf testing support.

May 19: We've added 9 new videos to our YouTube channel over the past few weeks. The new videos provide a good summary of all of the primary features of AscentialTest.

Feb 27: We are excited to announce the release of AscentialTest v8.2 including support for PDF, several test management enhancements, manual testing improvements and support for 64 bit Chrome and Firefox.

Nov 4: Zeenyx Software is recognized by CIO Review as one of the 20 most promising software testing solution providers.

CIO Review

Sept 19: AscentialTest v8.1 provides the ability to port tests to different languages to support localization testing. It also provides support for WPF in a PowerBuilder application.

March 11: Check out this article in CIO Review written by our CEO Brian Le Suer

December 9: With the release of v7.8, AscentialTest now recognizes images for navigation and verification.

June 4: Zeenyx is honored to be recognized by Dr. Dobbs as a finalist for this year's Jolt Award in the testing tools category.

March 20: Check out this Computer Weekly guest blog by Zeenyx CEO.







Recently Added Features

AT 9.6.0 - April 4:

  • Appeon PowerServer testing support is now provided. Support begins with PowerServer 2020 GA.
  • Extensions for Chrome and Firefox are now installed to the Users\Public folder instead of the Current User path to resolve Windows security issues that some users have experienced when they do not have elevated privileges.

AT 9.5.0 - January 9:

  • A ‘New Project’ wizard assists the user with configuration of the target application profile and installation of browser extensions. It also provides links to configure the target computer and guidance for taking snapshots, capturing object definitions and creating app states.
  • The user can now disable <Ctrl-Shift> to suppress the snapshot capture. This is useful if the target application maps that key combination for another purpose.
  • The ability to call REST is now supported.
  • Database purge is available for all of the Test Set databases to remove older results from your database.
  • Drag and drop App Object definition support is now provided for PbBitmap elements.
  • The Windows AppState Wizard now prompts for an optional Login dialog.
  • Test results now group output by Step, making it easier to interpret results.
  • Path generation options have been provided for PowerBuilder, making it easier to configure which attributes get used in path generation.
  • Playback speed can now be configured in Project Settings.
  • The ability to email reports has been added to the ATReports command line.
  • SetBaseState for the ‘Terminal’ class now provides the ability to use an encrypted password.

AT 9.4.1 - August 23:

  • Users can now choose between English and International keyboard runtime support.
  • Improved performance for Firefox startup.
  • User can now combine RenderText and Datawindow support for PowerBuilder tables.

AT 9.4.0 - July 19:

  • Non-English keyboard runtime support.
  • Support for Electron applications.
  • Support for 64 bit PowerBuilder applications.
  • Resizable dialog boxes in AscentialTest UI.
  • Reorganized AscentialTest File menu.
  • Drag and drop support for PowerBuilder toolbar definition.
  • Ability to disable auto-scroll in Elements and App Object panels.
  • RenderImage improvements.
  • New Html5 attributes.
  • Close action for MDIChild class.
  • Several AscentialTest UI Improvements.

AT 9.3.0 - November 30:

  • Support for Chrome Embedded Framework is now provided. A minimum of CEF version based on Chrome v61 is required. Initial support includes CEF Glue (wpf). We plan to support C# and Electron soon.
  • The class library now includes a declaration for RenderText along with a default selector. This makes it easier for users to dynamically instantiate members of the RenderText class.
  • A new App Object method called Unregister provides a way to unhook an application at runtime.
  • RenderImage has been redesigned to automatically generate the definition for RenderImage objects that are to be added for an AppObject. It will no longer be necessary to reopen the snapshot.
  • All PB Units (PBUnit, Pixel, 1/1000 of inch, 1/1000 of centimeter) are now supported for PowerBuilder.
  • An additional path for the TerminalSignonDialog has been added to accommodate the title of the latest IBM Terminal Emulator Signon dialog caption.

AT 9.2.4 - March 21:

  • 'HasError' is now available as an attribute query from the command line, making it easy to rerun tests that failed in the previous run.
  • Three new actions: GetLastActualImage, GetLastDiffImage and GetLastDiffPixelCount have been added to support image comparison features.
  • Row Select is now supported for PowerBuilder tables.
  • An option to switch to RenderText for PbDataWindows that use PbGroup has been added.

AT 9.2.1 - February 7:

  • A new custom report feature has been added to allow users to design and format their own reports.
  • Drag and drop is now supported for the class PdfLabel to make it easier to define App Objects for PdfLabel elements.
  • A new Firefox extension is provided for Firefox versions v58 and newer.

AT 9.2 - December 22:

  • RenderImage has been completely redesigned. It is not only much easier to use, but it is also much faster.
  • RenderText now works on the IE Browser including the popup navigator bar.
  • RenderText now works on OwnerDraw ListBox and ListView.
  • Pixel and color tolerance have been added VerifyImage.
  • A new action called WaitForImage has been provided to allow the user to wait for an image to display.
  • A new action called SendMail has been added to the System class to allow the user to send an email directly from a test. The user can specify a subject and body and include attachments.

AT 9.0 - October 3:

  • Test plan requirements can now be linked to multiple rows in a Data Table, essentially generating a Test Plan based on user selection of table rows.
  • Test Plans contain a new built-in attribute called ‘RunCount’ that allows the user to select the number of iterations that a test is to be executed.
  • AppStates have been introduced to make it easier to create ‘OnStart’ and ‘OnFinish’ actions.
  • The visual Query Editor has been implemented in the ‘Mark by Query’ dialog to make it easier to create attribute queries.
  • The option to select, generate and email reports at the end of a Test Set run is now provided.
  • Generating Test Set reports from the command line has been simplified to make it easier to integrate with continuous integration software.

AT 8.3 - June 12:

  • Image capture and comparison with masking is now provided.
  • The ability to define a region of an object is now provided. Regions can be used to specify areas of an image to be compared. Regions may also be used to identify a clickable area of an object.
  • The user can now choose the default attribute for path generation by class to improve naming and robustness of object recognition for web elements.
  • Constants and user-defined functions can now be used in path statements.
  • Two new attributes have been added to the class PdfText: @LineIndex and @LineSegment. These attributes provide a way to define tables for PdfText that is lined up in rows and columns.

AT 8.2 - March 3:

  • Validation of pdf content is now supported to enhance verification.
  • Files of any type can be attached to test results, perhaps as evidence of test results or images for enhanced description of errors.
  • Manual test cases can be imported from Excel.
  • Keywords can be used to tag tests to enhance test management.
  • Support for 64 bit versions of Chrome and Firefox.
  • New methods have been added to capture .png files directly at runtime.
  • New functions have been implemented to provide the elapsed times of Steps and Tests.
  • Verify methods and functions now provide an optional parameter that can be set to invoke a snapshot upon error.

AT 8.1 - Sept 19:

  • WPF controls embedded in a PowerBuilder application are now supported.
  • Path translation has been implemented to support testing application localization.

AT 8.0 - Aug 18 :

  • Workspaces have been implemented to streamline the various tasks required to build, maintain and execute manual and automated tests.
  • Find References provides a way to locate references to App Objects, Steps, Tests and Functions.
  • Rename provides a way to change the name and propagate the name change to all occurrences of App Objects, Steps, Tests, Step Parameters, Test Parameters and Functions.

AT 7.10 - May 9:

  • The Jira Project can now be set in Project Settings so that each project can be associated with a different jira project.
  • There are now two modes for integrating tests with a test plan, update and insert. When a test is dragged to a Test Plan in Insert mode, the test name or test description (dependent upon user configuration) becomes the text that is displayed in the test plan node.
  • A new Navigation icon has been added to the Step and Test Editors to allow navigation directly to data tables, steps and functions.

AT 7.9 - Feb 9:

  • A WebTable definition wizard has been added to make it easier to define web tables.
  • WebList definition is now supported through drag and drop.
  • Image recognition has been added to identify graphical elements that are not real objects.
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