Returning the Target Application to the Base State

Introduction The ‘start’ and ‘finish’ phases are essential components of an automated testing project. The ‘start’ phase defines what occurs before a test is run. The finish phase defines what occurs after. AscentialTest is designed so that each test automatically has a start and finish phase. The start phase is mostly generated for the user […]

AscentialTest Defining Tabbed Windows

Introduction AscentialTest users often ask how to define App Objects for tabbed windows. While there are several possible approaches, this paper presents what Zeenyx Support considers the best practice. Exploring the Alternatives: Tabbed windows are often implemented within a top level window like a Dialogbox or MDIChild. Here is an example. This MDIChild has three […]

Managing Test Dependencies in AscentialTest

While it is good practice to design automated tests to be independent, it is not always expeditious. There are situations where the data state of a test environment is difficult to manage or where the ‘stateful’ nature of a transaction requires components to be built one upon another. In these cases, a system of managing […]

AscentialTest Best Practices

Introduction While there are a lot of ‘right’ ways to use AscentialTest to build tests, we are often asked to provide ‘Best Practices’. This paper provides a summary of the approach and techniques that we use in Zeenyx Support. We hope that it is helpful to your teams as they design manual and automated tests. […]

AscentialTest Seminar 18: Optimizing Your AscentialTest Projects

The AscentialTest Project provides a test framework upon which manual and automated tests are built. Through encapsulation and reuse of project components, AscentialTest reduces the cost, time and level of effort to build and execute tests. This presentation will highlight best practices around project construction and management.

AscentialTest Seminar 17: Automated Tester’s Toolbox

Over time, test automation engineers find that requirements for utilities repeat. Chances are good that if there is a need for a utility today, it will be needed again for some future project. It’s easy to create reusable tools that can be shared with others in AscentialTest.

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What We Are Up To Next

TFS/Azure Integration

Check our new Azure extension for executing AscentialTest command lines in the Azure Marketplace.

We look forward to offering additional integration with Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server and Azure through defect tracking and version control soon.

Omnis Studio

Automated testing support for OMNIS Studio is coming soon. All OMNIS elements will be supported including complex grids, list boxes, tables and tree views.

Custom Objects

Add automated testing support easily for your custom application elements by responding to simple test API messages with json strings. This feature will open up the possibility of testing any GUI element and  will be offered free of charge.

Test Debugger

Set breakpoints in your automated tests, view global and local variables and execute statements to make it easier to debug tests running on any of our supported platforms.

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